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We are obsessed with our personal image in this day and age. It’s impossible not to be, because let’s face it image is everything.

Fortunately, we have the power to sculpt ourselves into whatever we wish to be. It’s not easy, but the hard work pays off.

I’m a healthy curvy mademoiselle measuring at 32-25-38. However, I am working towards losing a couple of pounds and toning my body. And of course Dita Von Teese is my inspiration! She is the most beautiful woman in the world!

In this blog I’ll be documenting my weight loss journey and share other interests such as beauty, fashion, well-being and whatever else I’d like to share. I’m quite the straight talker so no prudes allowed!

I hope you enjoy my blog and I would love to hear what you have to say.

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Put yourself out there.

Life isn’t simple and daydreaming of a better life isn’t going to solve anything either. Dwelling on the If Only’s isn’t going to set your mind at ease – it’ll only fuel the war inside. Rather concentrate on how you can improve your life today. You have the ability to create your nirvana and it starts by putting yourself out there.

Here are six tips on how you can put yourself out there and pursue your dreams:

1. Ask for help.

Push your pride aside and ask for help, even if it’s for a small favour. Asking for help isn’t going to make you come across as weak – no one is perfect. You’re taking control of your life and everyone needs a little bit of help along the way.

2. Get out of your comfort zone.

As they say, life isn’t a spectator sport. You can either choose to participate or sit in the grandstand watching what’s going on. Challenge yourself to try something new and don’t worry if you make a fool out of yourself the first time round. It takes time perfecting a new skill. The more you challenge yourself, the more comfortable you’ll become with yourself.

3. Play the Yes Game.

Opening yourself to new experiences and ideas will broaden your perceptions on life. Life has so much more to offer than 9 to 5 – try to experience every opportunity presented to you. Who would want to live a dull life? I’m not saying you should join a cult or get hooked on heroin (everyone has their boundaries) but try to experience something new.

4. Get active.

Living a healthier lifestyle should be one of your top priorities. It’s a great way to escape the chaos and organise your thoughts. Walking is the easiest way to start your fitness journey. Arrange a weekly hiking trip with your friends or attend yoga and Pilates classes. There are many types of exercises you can do on your own without having to rely on an exercise buddy.

5. Take Risks

Life is too short to play it safe. Experience the road less travelled and tap into your inner thrill seeker. Skydive, bungee jump or spend the day riding roller coasters – you’ll feel more alive! Don’t only take risks from an adrenaline junkie’s point of view, but take a risk pursuing your passion and allowing yourself to grow.

6. Let your creative juices flow.

Everyone is creative in one way or another and cultivating your creativity is a great way of self-expression. Art isn’t perfect. Art is a subjective yet objective industry and possesses no limits. Your artistic style can be anything from avant-garde to abstract. Pick up a paintbrush and embrace your imagination.

Push yourself every day. Some days are harder than others, but dedication is key. What do you do to push yourself every day?


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Yoga Sequence to Blast a Muffin Top

Maybe you know the feeling… you go to put on a fabulous pair of pants and there it is — a little extra “you” poking out around the waistband. It happens! But here is an effective series of yoga postures that can help melt the fat and tone the muscles of your core. Break out your yoga matandfollow these eight moves for a seamless flow that is sure to rid you of that muffin top for good!

Read the descriptions below and follow along with the video above to blast that muffin top!


High Plank to Low Plank: This move engages the transverse abdominal muscles to stabilize and fire up all of the muscles in your core! Come into a pushup position with wrists directly under your shoulders and your heels directly above your toes. Engage the abdominal muscles by pulling them in toward the spine. Ensure a straight line runs from the crown of your head out through the bottoms of your heels — no sagging hips or swayed lower back. Hold here for one full inhale and exhale.

Next, keeping the abs firmly engaged, drop down on to the right forearm, followed by the left forearm. While you’re moving, try to keep your hips from shifting or dropping. Once you’re down on the forearms, recheck the core muscles and spinal alignment. Hold low plank for one full breath cycle.

To complete the move, press back up onto the right palm followed by the left palm, returning to high plank. Hold here for one full inhale and exhale.

If at any time you have trouble keeping the core muscles engaged and find your hips sagging or back swaying, do this whole sequence from the knees, keeping a straight line from the crown of the head through the tailbone throughout your movement.

Flying Table Top: Really get into the lower muscles in your abdomen with this move! From high plank, drop down onto your knees, coming into table-top position. Position your wrists directly underneath your shoulders, and your knees directly underneath your hips. Remove any arch in the low back by slightly tilting the tailbone down toward the floor — this is a subtle movement. Pull the abdominals in toward the spine and find your breath. Tuck your toes and engage the quadriceps to lift the knees and shins off the floor to one to two inches above your mat. Hold this position for four breath cycles. To move on to the next pose, shift the hips up and back, coming into downward facing dog.

Three-Legged Dog Knee-to-Nose Repetitions: From downward facing dog, inhale the right foot up toward the ceiling — keep your toes pointing down toward the mat and your hips square. On the exhale, round the back (like in cat pose), shift your weight over the hands, and pull the right knee as close to the nose as possible. Inhale to return the right foot back into downward facing dog. Repeat this movement 5 times before switching to the left side. Come into high plank to move on to the next pose.

You can mix up the abdominal muscles you’re working by changing the direction you’re driving the knee. Instead of the nose, try coming from three-legged dog to touching the armpit on each side of your body. This change will target those stubborn obliques!

Wrists hurting? Take breaks! It’s common after being on your hands for some time to have achy wrists. Be sure to protect them by taking breaks and stretching them out. As your yoga practice continues, you’ll be able to support your bodyweight on your hands for longer periods of time.

Side-Plank Hip Drops with Knee Tuck: Get ready to work every muscle in your torso! From high plank, shift over onto the right hand, turning the hips to the left side of your space. Your right wrist should be directly under the shoulders (which are stacked one on top of the other), completing a straight line out through the left fingertips that are reaching upward.

Your feet can be stacked on top of each other, or side by side, and hips are lifting up toward the sky. From this position, inhale and lower the hips down toward the floor, keeping the upper body open toward the left side of your space. Exhale to return back to side plank, lifting the left leg up away from the right leg. Inhale to bend the left knee, driving it up toward the left armpit (shortening, or “crunching”, the left obliques).

Modify: This move can be done from the knee of the bottom leg. Keep your top leg extended straight, and support yourself with the bottom leg.

Repeat the hip drop and left leg tuck 3 times before moving through high plank to repeat on the left side.

woman measuring her flat stomach with measuring tape

High to Low Boat: Boat pose is super effective in toning the core and it allows for many modifications to fit all ability levels. Come to a seated position on the mat. Bend your knees to bring your ankles in toward your sit bones. Start to lean back from the hips, keeping your heart lifted and your head in line with your spine. You may wish to stop here and hold this position if it feels challenging.

If you want to move on, lift the toes off the floor, finding a 90-degree angle in the knees. Hands reach out along the sides toward the front of the mat. Only stay here if you can keep your heart lifted and your spine straight. Full expression of high boat finds your feet extended out with straight legs at a 45-degree angle from the floor. Inhale, then exhale to lower the torso and legs down to hover two inches above the mat, coming into low boat. The only thing in contact with the floor in low boat is the sacrum and gluteal muscles.

If this is too challenging today, lower your torso and legs to rest on the floor. Inhale and exhale. On your next inhale, lift back up, leading with the heart and the tops of the feet, returning to your expression of high boat. Repeat for five cycles of High to Low Boat.

Frozen Stair Steps: You’ll need a yoga block for this static ab burner! Lay on your back and bring your knees up to form a 90 degree angle above the hips and flex your feet up toward the ceiling. Place the block in between your thighs and hold it there by squeezing the thighs together. Next, place your palms on the tops of your legs and press the legs into the hands while pressing your hands back into the legs. Push hard! Keeping your gaze up toward the ceiling lift the shoulder blades off of the mat. Hold this position for six breath cycles. It may not feel like much at first, but keep pressing and breathing.

Frozen Bicycles: Just like the frozen stair steps, you’ll use your block for this exercise. Move your block to the left thigh just above the knee. With your hands positioned behind your ears, twist at the belly button to bring the right elbow to hold the block in place on the left leg. It’s imperative to your spine health that you NOT pull on your head to do it. A good tip is to only touch your head behind your right ear with your right fingertips. Straighten your right leg until it hovers two inches from the mat with your toes flexed. Hold this position, pressing the right elbow into the block on the left leg for five breath cycles. Release to rest on your back before completing the move on the other side.

Scales Pose Preparation: You might enjoy trying the pose with the aid of two blocks that are the same height, but they are NOT necessary. Start in a simple, cross-legged posture (if lotus is a part of your practice, you can take it here). If you’re using blocks, place them by each hip, a few inches away from your body. If not using blocks, place your hands firmly on the floor next to your hips. Keep the heart lifted and the crown of the head reaching toward the sky.

On an inhale, contract the lower abdominal muscles up into ribs while pressing down into the palms to lift the sit bones off the floor. You will NOT lean forward to accomplish this move correctly — keep the chest lifted. Hold for one to two complete breath cycles before lowering back to the mat. Repeat five times, maybe challenging yourself to hold for three to four breaths on your last set.

Jean is wearing a coral tank from Montiel and printed capris fromPRISMSPORT. Yoga mat provided by Magic Carpet Yoga Mats.


Dear Fat People.

This video has sparked a lot of controversy and honestly I don’t get why – it’s the truth!

Get off your fat ass and stop complaining. Exercise regularly and eat healthily. Do you really want to die of heart disease and diabetes?

Since when is it okay to be obese or plus-size? It’s not a healthy lifestyle nor a logical  idea.

8 Baby Steps to Eating Clean

by Melanie Fields

8 Baby Steps to Eating Clean

Thinking about trying this whole Eating Clean thing, but not entirely ready to jump in with both feet?  Maybe you’ve realized that making a change from your current eating habits might not be a bad idea, but where do you start?! Recognizing that what you’re doing now isn’t working is a great first step! The good news is eating clean isn’t a “diet.” It’s a lifestyle and a new way of eating, and it isn’t going away anytime soon.  Follow these “Baby Steps to Eating Clean,” and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier you in no time!

1. Drink More Water: Drinking water is a vital part of eating clean, but start small if you’re not normally a water only type of person.  If you tend to drink coffee or soda, start by replacing just one of those a day with water. If you just can’t take the water only, try these homemade vitamin water recipes or dress up your water by clicking here.

fresh water pitcher with lemon and lime slices

2. Get Rid Of Fake Foods Gradually: Don’t try to clean out your entire pantry all at once.  Start by getting rid of just a few items at a time, and replacing them with healthier alternatives, such as replacing refined breads and pastas made from white flour with ones made from whole grains.

woman putting food away in her refrigerator

3. Trick Your Tastebuds: If you’ve been eating foods with lots of salt, sugar, and other additives for years, it can be hard to adjust to the more subtle flavors of whole foods. I found that mixing some of the old with the new worked for me in some cases. For example, to get used to eating brown rice instead of white I started by mixing the two together.  I gradually decreased the amount of white rice until eventually I adapted to eating just the brown rice.

salmon avocado salsa dinner

4. Eat More Fruits & Veggies: If you know you don’t eat enough fruits & vegetables, start adding them in gradually to your daily diet. Eat a piece of fruit with breakfast and lunch, and add a portion of vegetables to your dinner or sneak them into your smoothies.

pile of fresh sliced fruit

5. Focus On A Few Favorite Foods: If you love your meat and protein, start simple by purchasing meat that comes from grass-fed cattle or eggs from pasture-raised chickens.  If you’re a produce lover, start buying organic fruits & veggies.

healthy beef and broccoli stir fry

6. Shop The Perimeter: Most whole, natural foods are found on the outside aisles of the grocery store.  Try to avoid buying too many items from the center of the store.  That’s where you’ll encounter more processed and packaged foods.  Better yet, shop your local farmer’s market for more natural, whole food choices!

two women shopping at the farmer's market

7. Read Labels: This is a simple way to determine how “clean” a food truly is. A natural food (such as an apple) has no label, while a bag of chips has a label with a ton of ingredients that you probably can’t pronounce.  If you’re not ready to completely give up processed foods, start by studying the labels and choosing foods that contain the fewest and simplest ingredients.  Try to avoid hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors or colors, preservatives, high amounts of fat or sodium, and added sugar. Read: 10 Alarming Ingredients to Avoid!

nutrition facts label

8. Cook At Home: This is an easy way to start eating more whole foods and save money in the process.  Restaurants and fast food places rely on highly processed foods to create their meals.  When you cook your own food, you have control over the ingredients going in your dish.  People who cook tend to eat more healthfully and weigh less than those who don’t.  This doesn’t mean you have to become a master chef overnight.  Start by learning a few meals with simple ingredients. Get started by looking around Skinny Mom’s Recipe Index.

bell peppers salsa and herbs laid out on counter for cooking

For more clean eating tips, find out 12 ways to get started in your clean eating diet!


Why This Healthy Sized Model is Taking An Aim at the Modeling Industry.

We love that the modeling industry has been so supportive and inclusive as of late with regards to plus-size models. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the industry is inclusive with regards to ALL sizes. In fact, as model Leah Kelley recently explained to People, when she started modeling at the age of 19, 5’11 and a size 8, she was told she would either have to lose weight to become a viable straight-size model or gain weight to become a working plus-size model. The modeling industry doesn’t look kindly at “in-betweenie” models, i.e. models that fall between the industry’s definition of straight-size and plus-size.




A photo posted by Leah Kelley (@leahkelley) on Aug 12, 2015 at 11:20am PDT

“I knew losing weight was not an option for my body shape,” Kelley, now 28, told People. “But if I gained weight, I was told I could travel the world – and I did.” By the time Kelley was 25, she had landed campaigns for Calvin Klein and Vogue Germany. At a size 16 and weighing in at 200 pounds, Kelley was a successful plus-size model.

Though this would have been a perfectly great weight for another person, Kelley’s body did not naturally want to be this size. She had to eat helpings of pasta and a quart of ice cream every day to maintain these proportions.

Struggling to be a size her body did not want to be took a toll on her health and eventually Kelley opted out. “I wanted to not be winded when I went up the subway stairs and feel like I was going to pass out. Even sitting up was hard,” she explained. “I didn’t want to sacrifice my health anymore for the chance to travel the world and make money.”

So Kelley returned to eating and exercising as she had before her transition into plus-size work, and she returned to a size 8, the size her body wanted to be. She now maintains the blog Thick and Toned, where she chronicles her journey in the fashion industry.

As much as we want fashion and modeling’s recent embrace of plus sizes to be a sign of inclusivity, stories like Kelley’s make us worry that, in fact, it’s possible the industry has simply found a new way to be exclusive. Body positivity means that all sizes are accepted and welcome. It’s about supporting whatever size a woman’s body naturally wants to be. To force models to lose or gain extreme amounts of weight is to completely miss the point. We need all types of models represented, and we need these industries to support all body types and all women.


I was a size 6 model and told to go ‘plus-size’

The truth about plus-size modeling: what I learned on (and off) the runway

(Image  via Instagram)



Happiness Is


Happiness Is


Happiness Is


Happiness Is


Happiness Is


Happiness Is


Happiness Is


Happiness Is


Happiness Is


Happiness Is


What Happiness Is, Around The World: Let Us Know And We’ll Illustrate It (15+ pics)



A lot of women I’ve trained want to lift and tighten their tushes.  While others wish they had more junk in the trunk.  I know I do.  I swear my mom took no-ass-itol pills when she was pregnant with me!

Whether you want to add a little lift or some boost to your booty, there are 8 crucial moves to master to sculpt an hourglass figure.  The muscles to target?  Your butt and gut!  A flat front helps balance your physique and emphasize the bubble in the back.  This workout will help you sculpt a sexy hourglass figure fast.




Perform the exercises in each set, back-to-back with little to no rest between to keep your heart rate up and burn more calories.   For the best results repeat each exercise 30 times and repeat the series of sets 3 times.  This entire workout only takes about 30 minutes.

Set 1

Hourglass Workout by Trainer Christina Carlyle

Butt – Stability Ball Squats  Stand about three feet from a wall with feet shoulder-width apart and the back to the wall. Place a stability ball between your lower back and the wall and squat down slowly until the legs form 90-degree angles at the knees. Use the ball to support the back as it rolls from the lower back to the shoulder blades. Slowly stand up again, and repeat for 30 times.


Gut – Dumbbell Side Dips  Stand with feet together and dumbbell in each arm down by your sides. Lower the weight in your right hand towards the floor as far as you can without moving your feet.  Return to the starting position, and then lower to opposite side the same distance and repeat. Continue alternating dips to each side, 30 times each to complete this set.

Set 2

Hourglass workout by trainer Christina Carlyle

Butt – Walking leg lift lunges  Walking, lunge forward with left leg, both knees bent 90 degrees (beginners, try a 45 degrees).  Shift weight onto left leg, straightening it; and extend your right leg back and pulse it upwards.  Step together.  Bring right leg forward into a lunge; repeat on that side, this time lifting your left leg before moving forward to the starting position.  Do 30 reps per leg, alternating sides.

Gut – Jackknife Crunches  The jackknife exercise involves lifting your body up from an extended position and pulling your knees in toward your chest. Lie down on your back with your hands above your head and your legs extended. In one fluid motion, lift your hands toward your legs and lift your legs toward your chest. You can either bend your legs in toward your chest or you can leave your legs extended. Focus on working your abdominal muscles instead of using your hips to lift your legs toward your chest. Keep your back straight as you lower your back and legs toward the ground, stopping just short of putting your shoulders and feet on the ground.   You can do it!

Set 3

Hourglass Workout by Trainer Christina Carlyle

Butt – Dead lifts  With feet flat beneath bar, squat down and grasp your weight with feet shoulder width part.  With knees slightly bent and booty pushed back, raise your chest and lift the bar up, keeping it close to your body until you’re standing straight with shoulders back.  Return the weight back to the floor.


Gut – Heels to Heaven  Lie down on your back.  Flex your feet and lift your legs straight up at a 90-degree angle.  Pulse your heels up to the ceiling lifting your lower back and butt, 2 to 3 inches off the floor.  Release the contraction and lower your booty back to the ground.  Repeat pulsing your heels to heaven 30 times to complete 1 set.

Set 4


Butt – Plié Squats  Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart with toes turned out, holding lighter dumbbells vertically in front of thighs.  Keeping abs tight and torso tall, bend knees 90 degrees; keep knees.  Aligned between second and third toes and weight in heels.  Push up back to the starting position and skah-weeze your buns tight. 

Hourglass Workout by Trainer Christina Carlyle

Gut – Marching plank  Start in a crouched position with your elbows stacked directly under your shoulder blades.  Extend your feet back so you’re in the ‘up’ position of a pushup balancing on the balls of your feet.  Hold for 5 seconds.  In one count, lift and lower your right foot, for one count, then lift and lower your left foot.  Continue by alternating ‘marches’ for 1 full minute to complete this set.


Want an extra booty boost?  Add more Bubble to your Butt with my Squat Challenge.

It works if you work it!



Christina Carlyle

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